Current Vacancies

"I'm leaving Cressey as I'm getting married and moving house, but I'm so sorry to go.

It's been an amazing experience. I'm all choked up ..."

Teaching Assistant, July 2017

"I've worked in lots of schools over the years, but this is the first time anyone's ever offered all this career development. Just wish I'd found Cressey sooner"   

Teaching Assistant, July 2016

Current job opportunities for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

We want to recruit more Teachers and Teaching Assistants, to enable Cressey's further growth. These are all full-time roles, not part-time. Normal working hours are 0820 - 1600.

Our staff teams succeed where other schools have been unable, in spite of behaviour that can at times be particularly challenging. Joining the Cressey team means you’ll have some difficult days, but if you’re the right person for us, you’ll love it. Because at Cressey we transform childrens’ lives – and that's immensely satisfying.

Training & Qualifications

There will be opportunities for personal development, for those who have the required motivation. Not all of our staff have teaching qualifications when they join; but if you don’t then we would support you to gain qualifications. Previous teaching experience is advantageous, but not essential.

We will also provide all the specialist training you need, including PRICE training (Protecting Rights in a Caring Environment), Restorative Approaches (how to resolve conflicts) and Transactional Analysis (how to communicate better). You will  learn how to manage social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and about syndromes and impairments such as ASD, ADHD and many others.

Career opportunities

For those who have the commitment and aptitude, there will also be opportunities to take greater responsibility, and to progress into leadership and management roles. 

Of course you will need to prove yourself first; but the opportunities are certainly there, and we are always looking for committed individuals to join our Management Development (click here) and Teacher Training (click here) programmes.

"How could I not come in every day? There are always laughs with both teachers and students, and the environment is safe and caring. I have felt welcomed and very lucky ... (this) is by far the most special and rewarding place I have worked in."

Teaching Assistant, July 2016

To apply for an interview

Please download and read the relevant Job Description (JD). Note that all roles are full-time, not part time.

Then complete an Application Form (click here to download) and email it to or send it to Maria White at Cressey College, Coombe Cliff, Coombe Rd, Croydon CR0 5SP. If you have an enquiry please call Maria White on 020 8256 0547.


"I want to say thank you to Cressey. It's easy to forget that you are the ones, day in and day out, 
making it work. 

She has come so far, it's unusual to see such a turnaround. She really is exceptionally happy here.''  

Social Worker, November 2014