Teacher Training Opportunity

"Before she came to Cressey she was violent every day and needed 3 staff with her at all times. Now she has almost no behavioural difficulties at all, and is returning to mainstream."

Virtual School in a  London Local Authority, June 2015

"(He) has experienced prolonged progress for the first time in his life since coming to this school. The very supportive, professional and specialised environment has fully met his needs."

Parent, June 2016

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Training Programme

Cressey College offers its Teaching Assistants, who have proved themselves, the opportunity to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through our on-the-job training programme, which we are delivering in partnership with a highly respected local maintained school. This potentially offers great prospects for those involved, and further strengthens our mutually beneficial partnerships with other schools.

Trainees may apply for either Primary QTS, or Secondary QTS. The duration of the course is one year, and it will involve focused training, extra study and practical teaching experience not only at Cressey but also at another placement school. Trainees would be employed by Cressey throughout the course as Unqualified Teachers, being paid at Point 1 on the Teachers’ Pay Scale (£18,789).

The focus is on building up skills, knowledge and a portfolio of evidence that all requirements can be met to a high standard. This year there are five places on offer, and five of Cressey’s TAs have been selected and will start in September 2016. The provisional intent is that a similar number of places will be offered in future years as well.

After QTS – what happens as a Newly Qualified Teacher

It is a statutory requirement that once QTS is granted, a further year of support and assessment is to be spent as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). This is to ease new teachers into their roles and reinforce what has been learnt during training. During the NQT year teachers do have their QTS, but must complete the NQT year successfully to secure their status for the long term. (If the NQT year is not completed, their status is automatically removed after 5 years). Once QTS is granted, teachers would be paid in accordance with the Teachers Pay Scale.

Applicants would continue to be employed and supported at Cressey for their NQT year, and would be required to stay working at Cressey for at least one more year after NQT is completed, as a return of service. So in summary this would be a 3 year commitment; one year of QTS training, followed by staying at Cressey for the NQT year (while being supported), followed by one Year’s return of service.

What to do if you are interested

Firstly employees need to have proved their value to Cressey, and meet the basic admissions criteria on the left hand side of this page. Staff who are interested in applying to gain Qualified Teacher Status should then contact Amy Pollard, to register their interest. The next QTS selections process will start in Spring 2017, to start the programme in Sep 2017.

Selection Criteria for the next QTS intake in Sep 2017

As for Sep 2016, staff will need to meet the following criteria in order to be considered for selection. Future applicants must have:

  • been a Cressey employee for at least 1 year (including having passed probation).
  • no disciplinary record from Cressey within the last year.
  • at least 2 years experience in leading lessons.
  • a degree in a subject relevant to the subject you wish to train to teach.
  • GCSE Maths and English grade A-C (or equivalent).
  • and for Primary QTS only, GCSE Science grade A-C (or equivalent).

Further selection criteria and desirable qualities will be released later in the year, as part of the formal selection process.