Management Development Programme

"(He) talks fondly about the staff, he says they are his mates and they help him. He respects them and is able to open up to them about problems he's facing. I think these strong relationships have been really important to him."

Parent, March 2016

"Whatever you are doing (with our son) we are very grateful. We've honestly never had this type of reaction to school before."

Parent, Dec 2015

Managment Development Programme

Since early 2016 we been running a Management Development Programme, to help staff to develop their management skills; and in the process to improve their chances of selection for an Assistant Senior Teacher post. We want to encourage staff to apply to be Assistant Senior Teachers in due course, and to ensure that Cressey's Leadership Team gets stronger and stronger each year. This will help us to successfully deliver all aspects of the School Development Plan, and to sustain  Outstanding standards.   

For staff who are ambitious to learn and to develop their skills, and to improve their prospects, this programme is a very good opportunity. There is no fixed time for how long each individual will remain on the programme, because it depends on each person’s unique situation; but the average time is likely to be 1-2 years.

The programme involves a series of development / training sessions, held at Coombe Cliff roughly every two weeks. Sessions are normally on Tuesdays at 1600 – 1700. Each session is run by one or two members of the Senior Leadership team, and the hour-long session is normally split into two 25-30 min subjects.

To avoid valuable places being allocated to staff members who then quit the programme or leave Cressey after only a short period, volunteers are required to commit to remaining at Cressey for at least a year after they start the programme; and to stay on the programme for a minimum of 2 terms.   

The next intake of selected staff will start the programme in September 2016; and there will be subsequent intakes roughly every 6 months thereafter. Selection of those who join the programme is made according to the following criteria. Staff should note the emphasis on potential, which means you do not have to be perfect to apply. If you’ve proven your ability to work with our students, and are keen to learn and to progress, and willing to work hard to develop your skills, then that’s what we’re looking for.

  • Essential requirements
    • Understanding of Nurture
    • Good at managing behaviour
    • The potential to be a good organizer
    • The potential to be a good administrator
    • The potential to be a good leader
  • Desirable requirements
    • Excellent punctuality record
    • Excellent attendance record
    • Good report writer
    • Conscientious nature

Development Programme Content

Session subjects that have so far been covered / planned include: 

  • Introduction to the programme, and career options at Cressey.
  • The qualities of a good Senior Teacher.
  • The differences between Leadership and Management.
  • The Duties of a Senior Teacher.
  • Different leadership styles, and when they work best.
  • Understanding EHCPs.
  • What Nurture really means.
  • Therapeutic Support to our students.
  • Writing good EHCPs & Ed Reports.
  • How to manage Meetings successfully.
  • Attendance Reporting – how it should be done.
  • Your role in Staff’s joining & leaving routines.
  • IEPs and BSPs.
  • The Admissions Process.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Participating in Annual Reviews.
  • Daily Time Management.
  • Keeping Daily records.
  • The Child Proptection Framework.