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"It's only been three weeks (since she started at Cressey) but I've already noticed such an improvement."

Parent, May 2016

"(He) has learnt far more in the last year than at any other point in his education, and physically he’s pushed himself far more too.   

Parent, July 2016

Student Support Plan - updated format

We've just updated the format of our Student Support Plans, which will be of interest to Parents and Carers. The template for the new format is at this link. If you have any questions about the format, then please do discuss this with your child's staff team. 

Christmas Holidays, and start of Spring Term 2018

Looking ahead to Christmas please note that the Autumn Term will end at 1230 on Tuesday 19 December 2017. The Spring Term starts with a Target Setting Day on Tuesday 02 January 2018, when Parents / Carers will be invited to accompany their child for a meeting with their Staff Team, to discuss and agree the targets for the coming Term. The first full day of school is Wednesday 03 January, starting at 0900 as normal.  

External validation of Teaching standards

We recently had staff from a local Maintained School coming in to observe our staff in action, to provide independent validation of our teaching standards. This has been really valuable, and we're very grateful for the constructive advice and criticism provided. It's an important aid to help us to be Outstanding in all that we do.

Anti-Bullying poster competition

We've has some great Anti-Bullying poster designs. Click here to see a selection!

Helping your child to keep safer on-line

Goosberry Planet emails out a weekly free update with tips and thoughts on keeping your child safer on-line. These are really helpful emails, very easy to read, with very helpful advice. We already distribute this to all staff, and we also recommend it to all Parents and Carers. For further information please go to or call 01865366468.

Cressey's Vision

In view of the Award below, this is a good time to remind everyone of our Vision. In summary we want Cressey to be an outstanding school in all respects, that transforms the prospects of our students, and where staff love to work. We will continue to do all we can to achieve this. 

Cressey wins top Croydon Excellence Award for contribution to the Community!

We're delighted that Cressey has been judged to be Croydon's very best organisation for Commitment to the Community. This prestigious public honour is in recognition of the tireless dedication and passion of our fabulous staff teams, for Cressey's sustained success in transforming the lives of our students, and for our altruistic motivation to help our students as much as we can, and however we can. We hugely appreciate this public recognition; but we will continually strive to be even better in all that we do. For more details click here.

Half-Term Dates

Just a reminder that the Half-Term dates are 23 - 27 October 2017; and that Monday 30 October is an Inset Day, for Staff Training. So the second Half of Term starts on Tuesday 31 October 2017.

Giant African Landsnails!

Our latest new arrivals at Birdhurst are some Giant African Landsnails. For more details please see the next newsletter! 

Anti-Bullying Competition

This year we are again holding an Anti-Bullying competition, to find the best anti-bullying Poster and the best anti-bullying video; and in the process we will refresh everyone's anti-bullying awareness. Parents / Carers do please support this at home! 

Fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support

In the spirit of giving, there's a ‘Coffee & Cake Morning’ at Coombe Cliff on Friday 29 September, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Parents/Carers please do attend, we'd be delighted to see you, and our primary students are looking forward to giving you freshly made coffee and sweet treats. We're hoping to beat the £80 we raised for MacMillan last year!

Christmas Card competition!

Our annual Christmas Card competition is earlier this year, to give more time for us to print copies of the winnning entry, which will then be on sale to raise money for charity. So Parents and Carers, please do get your Christmas Cards from us this year! You'll be able to see the winning cards on this page, in early November.

Charity Fundraising - "Jeans for Genes" Day

22rd September 2017 was ‘Jeans for Genes Day’, when Staff & Students wore jeans to raise money for genetic research. A big thank you to Parents & Carers for helping to support this.

Congratulations to Dante (Year 8) on his Maths GCSE!

Very big congratulations to Dante on the achievement of a Grade 5 GCSE in Maths (equivalent to a high C or low B), while still being in Year 8. This was a huge achievement, and not only because he took the exam three years early. Well done Dante!

Cressey shortlisted for Croydon Award for Commitment to the Community

We're delighted that Cressey has just been shortlisted for a Croydon award for Commitment to the Community. This is in recognition of the many, many students whose prospects have been transformed during their time at Cressey, thanks to the tireless dedication and passion of our excellent staff teams; and we really appreciate this public recognition!

GCSE results - well done to all concerned!

Well done to all our students who took GCSE exams this summer - we're all very proud of the great efforts you made, and there were some excellent results!

Students of the Year!

Warmest congratulations to Andrew, Jamie, Lily, Leon, Nathaniel, Tristan and Tyler who were awarded Student of the Year prizes for their respective sites, in recognition for their excellent progression during the year. In addition, even bigger congratulations to Lily who was voted to be Cressey's overall Student of the Year. Well done indeed!

Congratulations to all our fabulous Achievers!

A very big thank you and huge well done to everyone who contrbuted to make this Year's Achievers Day such a fun and excellent event. The acts and performances were just brilliant! It was a great way to end the Summer Term, and we wish you all a very good summer holiday.

Curriculum Resources

At Cressey we use a rich variety of academic resources, which is necessary to support the very highly differentiated programmes that we provide for our students. These resources are illustrated in the attached Resources Map

Academic Progress Statistics

Most Cressey students who've been with us for more than two years haven't just met but have exceeded the academic progress that Ofsted requires. For example in Maths, 93% averaged 2 or more sub-levels of progress per year, which is Ofsted's required rate; and a fantastic 71% averaged 3 or more sub-levels of progress per year, which greatly exceeds the expected rate. Given that our great students have such complex needs, including serious learning difficulties in some cases, this is outstanding progress - so huge congratulations to all concerned! Click here for more details. 

Four more TAs selected for Teacher Training

Warmest congratulations to Cassie, Hope, Ali and Morgan who all joined Cressey as Teaching Assistants, but who have now been selected for our Qualified Teacher training programme, which we run in partnership with the Beckmead Family of Schools. Their training will start in Sep 2017, and they should achieve Qualified Teacher Status in Sep 2018.

Swimathon fund-raising event

The 3rd of our fundraising events for the MIND mental health charity will be a Swimathon on 06 July. We know this is the 3rd fundraising event in quick succession, but it really is for a great cause. So please do sponsor your child. Alternatively if you are a friend of Cressey without any connection to a particular student, then please call our School Office on 0208 256 0540, and ask for Mimsy who will take your details and tell you how to donate.   

Cressey Cultural Day

Thank you and well done to all those who took part in our Cultural Day on 23 May 2017. Lots of different cultures were represented, and it was a great celebration of the many different cultural backgrounds of our students ... and also of the many traditonal food dishes on offer! 

Sponsored clean-up of the Park

On 30th of June, Cressey students will be doing a sponsored clean up of the Park Hill Recreation Ground. Parents, Carers and all friends of Cressey, please do sponsor a student aand contribute to a great cause! All funds raised will go to the MIND mental health charity. 

Zach selected for England Basketball Team!

Huge congratulations to Zach, who has recently been selected for the England U16 Basketball Team. We're all extremely proud. Well done indeed, and very best of luck!

Moorings students' Charity Cake Sale

On 8th June, the Moorings students are holding a Cake Sale, which is the first of three events to raise money for the MIND mental health charity. This is a truly great cause and we therefore ask all our friends, parents and carers to support at least one of these three events. Please do support our students' efforts, and give generously.

Parent View Survey

"Parent View" is an on-line survey, which allows Parents / Carers to tell Ofsted how your child is progressing, and what you think about Cressey. Please click here to visit the Ofsted website and do the Survey. Please do tell Ofsted what you think!

Term Dates for 2017 / 2018

For the term dates for 2017-18 please click here.

Healthy Eating Week

Cressey is supporting Healthy Eating Week, coming up in June. This involves 5 Challenges, which are: Have Breakfast, Have 5 A Day, Drink Plenty, Get Active and Trying Something New and Healthy. Trying something new and healthy could be any food, drink, experience or physical activity you have not tried before! Parents / Carers we would warmly welcome it if you can support this at home as well?

24 May 2017 - Invitation to Parents / Carers: join us for coffee and a briefing on the chance for Parents to take Functional Skills Qualifications at Cressey

This is a briefing on the opportunity for Cressey Parents / Carers to achieve free Functional Skills Qualifications in Maths & English. Timing 1000-1200, at Coombe Cliff. This is for all parents / carers of current or potential Cressey students. For more details click here. All welcome!

Applicants for Cressey's Teachers Training programme

There is an opportunity for current Cressey employees to apply for our Teacher Training programme for 2017 / 18, which starts in September 2017. Please note that this only applies to existing employees, who have passed their probationary period.

Transition Planning - for Summer 2017

We are now starting transition planning for students who will be moving from one site to another in September 2017, and for those who will be leaving Cressey in July 2017. We are now contacting everyone concerned, but Parents and Carers please feel free to contact the relevant Senior Teacher at any time, if you have any questions.

Date of the Summer Half-Term

Parents and Carers please note that the Summer Half-Term dates are Friday 26 May - Tuesday 06 June 2017. Please note that school ends at 1230 on 26th May, not 1430. Also please note that Monday 05 June is an Inset Day for staff training, so the second half of Term starts on Tuesday 06 June, at 0900 as normal. 

Discussion about Mental Health and Wellbeing

The latest of our parent coffee morning was earlier this week, when Parents from two sites attended a discussion on Cressey's approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing. Thank you for coming, and we look forward to seeing more of you at future events.

Commendation for Lily!

Congratulations to Lily at our Adeline site, who has just been awarded an official Commendation for showing great judgement and courage, when she did the right thing in an awkward situation. She has set a great example!

£250 raised for Charity, on Red Nose Day

A big thank you to all the Parents and Carers who attended our Red Nose Day event at the end of last Term. We raised over £250, which was donated to Comic Relief.

Management Development Programme

Warmest congratulations to all those staff who completed our Management Development programme in March 2017. This is a Year long programme, designed to better qualify them for selection to be a member of Cressey's Senior Leadership Team.

Target Setting Meetings for the Summer Term - 18 April 2017

Parents / Carers are invited, with their student, to meet with the staff team to set targets for the coming Term. Please keep the date free. The staff team will contact you about the time you should come in. 

Work Experience Award for Cressey Student

Leon has recently completed a successful work experience placement in a local business, and did so well that he has been awarded the 'Jack Petchey' award worth £250. Great effort, Leon!

Level 10 in Trampolining

Big congratulations to Jade, who has just achieved Level 10 in Trampolining. She is the youngest Cressey student to have achieved this excellent level - which is a great effort!

Coffee Morning for Parents / Carers, 22 March

On 22 March there is a coffee morning for Parents and Carers, at 1000 at Coombe Cliff. This will be very relaxed, and a good chance to meet other parents and have a chat with them, and with senior Staff. Parents / Carers of potential students are also very welcome. Please tell Maria on 0208 256 0547 if you would like to attend. 

Valentine's Day Card Competition

We recently held an ITC competition to see who could make the best Valentine's Card. Many congratulations to Jonathan from Denmark Hall who won the competition, and to Haider (also Denmark Hall) whose card came second; and to Aaliyah, Diane and Tailor, whose entires were also excellent.

Results of Parent / Carer Survey

Thank you to all the 24 Parents / Carers who completed our recent Parent / Carer survey. 100% of you said that you would recommend Cressey to another Parent. We are delighted that your responses were so very positive. But we will not be complacent, and we will continually strive to do better.

Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay and Transgender (LBGT) History Month

This month we've included lessons on LBGT history to enrich the PSHE curriculum, and there's been some excellent work produced. Well done to all concerned!   

Police Educational Visits - "You and the Law"

This term we're having a series of visits by the local Police, to talk about aspects of the Law, and career opportunities in the Police. These sessions have been fun and educational, end enjoyed by all. A big thank you to our Police friends!

22 February - Invitation to Parents / Carers: join us for coffee and a talk about ADHD

Join us on Wed 22 Feb 2017 (1000-1200) for coffee and a talk about ADHD. This is for Parents / Carers of students diagnosed with ADHD, or who are exploring the possibility. This is for all parents / carers of current  Cressey students, and potential Cressey students. For more details click here. All welcome!

10 February - Careers Day

On Friday 10 February we're having our annual Careers Day at St Lukes Hall, to raise awareness of a wide variety of careers options. This is for students in Years 9-12, and will feature stalls with info on Work Experience, College Applications, Interview Skills, Vocational Qualifications, Core Subject Qualifications and Career Pathways. 

Parents and Carers - Ofsted want to know your views

Ofsted have a short online Survey system, so that you can easily make your views known to them. It's called "Parent View", and takes only 5-10 minutes to do. Please do make your views known! To do the Survey please click on this link.

Christmas Jumper Day - fundraising for Save the Children

In December we had a Christmas Jumper fundraising day,  and over £42 has now been donated to Save the Children. Well done to all concerned, for helping less fortunate children!

Cressey's Nurture Policy - at the heart of all that we do!

Cressey's whole approach is nurture based - so we're really keen that Parents and Carers do fully understand what we mean by "nurture". Please click here to see our updated Nurture Policy.

Supporting those who Self Harm

We have recently updated our Policy on how we support those who Self-Harm. Parents / Carers please do have a look, even if you feel it's not relevant to you. To see the Policy please click here

25 January - Invitation to Parents / Carers: join us for coffee and a talk about Keeping Your Child Safe

Join us on Wed 25 Jan 2017 (1000-1200) for coffee and discussion about the threats that children face in today’s world, the stress they can experience, the signs that Parents / Carers should watch for, and where to get advice. This is for all parents / carers of current  Cressey students, and potential Cressey students. For more details click here. All welcome!

Creative Writing Competition

Very well done to all students who took part. It was great to see so many willing to challenge themselves and produce such excellent results. English teachers from each site judged the competition and there were some very tough decisions! Click here to see the winning entries.

Follow us on Twitter!

Cressey's Twitter account is now active! Follow us at @CresseyCollege for regular updates about School life, and drop us a Tweet to keep in touch!

Christmas Card Competition

Warmest congratulations to all our students who produced such lovely Christmas Cards! The winning cards will be announced soon. To see a selection of the cards, click here.

Target Setting Meetings for the Spring Term - 03 January 2017

Parents / Carers are invited, with their student, to meet with the staff team to set targets for the coming Term. Please keep the date free. The staff team will contact you about the time.  

15 Shoeboxes given to the Purley Cross Community Centre

During November, Cressey students collected and filled 15 shoeboxes, for families who are unable to enjoy the Christmas season, for example because  they have to prioritise electricity over buying presents. Well done for helping less fortunate families have some presents for Christmas!

07 December - Invitation to Parents / Carers: join us for coffee and a talk on our Nurturing Approach

Join us on Wed 07 Dec 2016 (1000-1200) for coffee and discussion about Cressey's Nurturing approach. This is for all parents / carers of current  Cressey students, and potential Cressey studnets. For more details click here. All welcome!

Fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support

In the spirit of giving, our Primary site organised a ‘Coffee & Cake Morning’ to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Parents/Carers were welcomed by the primary students who gave them freshly made coffee and sweet treats. With your help we raised over £80!!

Black History Exhibition

As part of our students' work during Black History Month, we arranged an exhibition of their work, at Adeline. The efforts and results were really impressive, and a great credit to the students concerned. A selection of photos of the excellent work produced will be made available shortly.

E-safety Information Sheet for Parents / Carers

We recently held a very informative E-Safety workshop, for Parents & Carers, on how to protect your children from the dangers of social media and the internet. If you were unable to attend then please do have a look at the attached Information Sheet - it may well help you to help your child!

Charity Fundraising - "Jeans for Genes" Day

23rd September 2016 was ‘Jeans for Genes Day’, when Staff & Students wore jeans to raise money for Jeans for Genes Day. We raised over £75! A big thank you to Parents & Carers for helping to support this.

Functional Skills Qualifications for Parents / Carers

Cressey will  help any of our Parents / Carers who want to achieve Functional Skills qualifications, at Levels 1 and 2. Workshops for this will start soon. Please contact Maria White at if you are interested.

16 November - Invitation to Parents / Carers: join us for coffee and a talk on Autism

Join us on Wed 16 Nov 2016 (1000-1200) for coffee & a discussion about Autism. This is for parents / carers of an autistic child, or who are currently exploring a possible diagnosis. For more details click here. All welcome!

Anti-Bullying poster competition

Over 20 Anti-Bullying poster designs were entered in the competition. Click here to see the winning entries by Katy, Jack, Megan, Drew, Ashton and Romeo!

Cressey student's Award Winning video on e-safety!

Well done to Dominic, whose video on e-safety won a National Award! To see it click here.

Events for Parents / Carers in 2016-17

The first of this year's Parent / Carer Workshops (Keeping your child safe Online) is at 1000 on Wed 28 Sep 2016. All Parents / Carers are very welcome, and are warmly invited to attend. For details of the rest of the year's Workshop programme, click here

Cressey students raise £400 for Homeless Charity

Huge congratulations to Denmark Hall's students, whose Fun Day in July successfully raised over £400 for a local charity, Safe Homes and Better Futures for Young People in London. Well done indeed to all concerned!

Teacher Training (QTS) Programme

From Sep 2016, Cressey staff can earn Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through our QTS programme; which we're delivering in partnership with another highly respected local school. This offers great prospects for those involved, and further strengthens our mutually beneficial partnerships with other schools. For more details click here.

Cressey explained! A brilliant video by our great students

Click here to see our students telling you all about Cressey. A great video, made by them rather than the staff.

Term dates for 2016-17

For the term dates for 2016-17 please click here.


Parent / Carer Newsletters

Our monthly newsletter for Parents / Carers contains student news, staff news, and a wide range of dates and details that parents and carers would wish to be aware of. To view the latest issue, click the link below. 

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"I'm so grateful for the support and efforts you're making to make him happy and stay in school. Now he comes out of bed every morning without complaining like he used to. I'm really really grateful. Thanks a million."

Parent, June 2017


"He's achieved above and beyond, more than I ever thought he would."

Parent, May 2017


"He's so different at home since he started at Cressey. Now he's kind and considerate. What you guys have done has been amazing."

Parent, May 2017


"I was over the moon when I heard (she) was visiting Cressey. I think it's a great school, and I don't say that about many SEN schools."

Headteacher of a local State School, May 2017


"Whenever I have to place a troubled child with really complex difficulties, I always think first of Cressey. Your success with these children is really amazing. I don't know any other special school that gets such success."

An SEN Case Manager at a nearby Local Authority, May 2017


"She's a completely different person since she started here, so much so that we're now preparing for her to transfer back to mainstream. She does so much more work here. I don't know how they've done it, but they have! I'm seriously, seriously happy! I'd highly recommend Cressey to any other parent."

Carer of a Cressey Student, February 2017


"My son would be 100%  happier at Cressey. The staff are very professional, way ahead of us parents. This was Utopia. I am absolutely impressed.'' 

Parent of a Potential Student, July 2015