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"He always hated school before, because he didn't understand the lessons. But you got him to stay in lessons, and now he can read at last, and now he loves school. Thank you, thank you so very much."

Parent, July 2017

"I've provided 3 of my (school's) children to Cressey, and each one of them has made fabulous progress. I can't speak highly enough of the amazing outcomes they have achieved."

Deputy Head Teacher, South London School, June 2016

Cressey College: a multi-site special school (5-19)

Cressey is a multi-site special school for students with Social, Emotional and Attachment difficulties, particularly challenging behaviour, and/or additional complex needs. To see a recent video our students created about Cressey, please click here.

The large majority of our students have additional complex needs. For example many are on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD), and many need Nurture and/or have Attachment Difficulties / Disorders, Learning Difficulties, Speech & Language difficulties, Aspergers, PDA, ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, Discalculia, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia.

We are a centre of excellence for SEMH and particularly challenging behaviour, and also for many of the complexities above. 

Cressey has a proven record of helping students make exceptional progress with learning, social skills and employability.

We succeed where other schools have been unable to; and we succeed in the long term, not just briefly. Our approach has four building blocks.

The first is that our approach is nurture-based, with positive management of behaviour, supported by a rewards system that helps promote positive outcomes.

Secondly, Cressey has more staff than students, so there is lots of 1:1 staffing. We also have very small classes, varying from 1 - 5 students. This enables us to achieve positive outcomes in spite of challenging behaviour and complex needs. Students are taught in small classes, in pairs or individually, as appropriate. There is a strong focus on improving literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, and on developing personal and social skills.

Thirdly, we place each student in the right environment for his/her particular needs. We can do this because we have five separate small sites each catering for different needs, and two off-site programmes. So we can place individuals in the site or on the programme that best meets their needs. We have different environments for:

  • Primary students (Years 1 - 8) who need to be in small Nurture group.
  • Students in Years 7 - 9 who need to be in small Nurture classes, with highly individualised programmes.
  • Students in Years 10 - 14, who need very small classes with highly indivualised programmes. 
  • We also have a site for Students who cannot be alongside other students, where each has their own personal classroom.
  • In addition we also have a site for girls in Years 7 - 14, who will make better progress in a girls-only location.
  • We also offer two types of off-site placements. These are:
    • Outreach Programmes, for students who will benefit from a part-time programme off-site.
    • Pathways to Employment Placements, which are full-time programmes, off-site, tailored for each individual for their chosen future  employment.
  • Lastly, we were recently asked to take over the management of a small School in Merton from Sep 2017, called the FACE Youth Therapeutic School. This will remain a separate School but Cressey is now responsible for it, and we manage the admissions process. FACE Youth is for Students in Years 7 - 11, who work better when being taught on their own for most of the time, rather than in a small class.

Finally we have a strong focus on positive outcomes, and every child has a differentiated plan for their education, care and health. We follow the National Curriculum, but it is individually tailored to take into account each student’s Statement / EHCP. We also support individual talents and interests, and extra tutoring is provided for this. 

Looking ahead, we are continually striving to improve the excellence of our education.

We welcome visits. So please come and see for yourself.


Adrienne Cherrywood, Head Teacher


Staff Vacancies (Nov 2017)

We want more Teachers and TAs to join our growing Cressey team. Click here for more details and how to apply, or contact Maria White on 020 8256 0547

Place availability (as at Nov 2017)

Primary students (Years 1-6). As at 01 Oct 2017 we still have two places left, one for a Year 2-3, the other for a Year 4-6 girl. Class sizes are 3 - 4 children.

Places at FACE Youth Therapeutic School (Years 7-10). FACE Youth is in S Wimbledon, and is part of the Cressey family of Schools; it is managed by Cressey and the admissions process is via Cressey. There are several SEMH places still available.Year 10. We currently have four Year 10 places available.

Pathways to Employment Programme (Years 10-14). We will more places available from Jan 2017. This is a full-time programme, delivered out in the community rather than at Cressey, tailored to enable, prepare and help students to get jobs.

Outreach Programmes. We shoud have more places available in Jan 2018. These are part-time bespoke programmes, delivered off-site as required. Outreach places may be used as interim solutions, for students awaiting a full-time place at Cressey or elsewhere.

Admissions enquiries

For our Admissions criteria click here. For more details on place availability, please call John Herring on 07474 145 445. 

School Office address

Our new School Office address, for all mail and enquiries, is as below.

    Cressey College (School office)

    Coombe Cliff, Coombe Road
    Croydon CR0 5SP

    020 8655 2798 or 07484 003 753

Mail should no longer be sent to our old School Office address at Denmark Hall. Anything sent there will still get to us, but will be slightly delayed.