Placement Availability & Prospectus

"Cressey has achieved great results with our students, far better than other similar schools.

If my own child needed this sort of school, I'd want it to be Cressey."

Head of SEN, in a nearby Local Authority, Feb 2017

"For complex children there's no question. You (Cressey) are our preferred provider. You're succeeding with the most challenging children we have. Without going into details, other schools just don't manage to do what you do."

Head of SEN, London Local Authority, Nov 2017

Placement availability (as at Mar 2018)

Years 1-6 at Coombe Cliff. We have two places still available, one for a Year 1-3, the other for a Year 4-6 girl. Class sizes are 3 - 4 children. There are currently about 10 places free for Sep 2018.

Outreach Programmes for Primary Students, Years 1-5. We have four off-site places available for Primary students waiting for a place in Sep 2018. These programmes will be run at a secure venue in S Norwood (SE25). For more details click here.

Years 7-9 at Wimbledon site. There will be 3-4 places available at the FACE Youth school in Sep 2018.

Years 7-8 at Birdhurst. We currently have one place free, for an Autistic Year 8-9 student. Class size 5 students. There may be one more place available in Sep 2018.

Year 10 at Moorings. There will probably be one or two places free in Sep 2018.

Years 7-9 at Adeline. There will be one or two places free in Sep 2018.

Outreach Programmes, Years 7-14. We have 3 places available. These are part-time bespoke programmes, delivered off-site for students awaiting a full-time place at Cressey or elsewhere. For more details click here.

Admissions enquiries

For our Admissions criteria click here. For more details on place availability, please call John Herring on 07474 145 445. 


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