Therapeutic Support

"Before Cressey he was a recluse, and would not leave the house. But his staff at Cressey have been great, and now he goes to school every day."

Parent, March 2016 

"My daughter is very anxious but this is the best environment for (her), the most settled she's ever been. She feels secure, and the therapy is a lifeline."

Parent, December 2015

Therapeutic Support

Cressey's environment is both nurturing and therapeutic, and we have a strong therapies team to meet our students' therapeutic needs. This support is not separate to the students' individual education programmes, but is an integral part of them. The aim is to address identified difficulties, and also to support each individual's social, emotional and behavioural needs.

Therapeutic activities at Cressey range from intensive 1:1 programmes to small group sessions, with formal Assessments where appropriate. The therapists also provide training for the teaching staff, and strategies to help them to adopt an appropriate therapeutic approach throughout individuals' programmes. All therapists have regular external supervisors, in accordance with the relevant professional practices and standards.

A core level of therapeutic support is provided for within every student's fees. This support includes occasional 1:1 sessions, the creation of appropriate strategies, tailored training for individual staff teams, and reviews of progress.

To give a feel for the scale of therapy we provide, for the Autumn Term 2017 there are 35 students scheduled to have Speech and Language therapy or activities, 47 scheduled for Occupational Therapy or OT activities, and at about 30 will receive either Art or Music therapy.

Our Speech and Language Therapist assesses and supports students to develop their speech, language and communication skills, enabling them to communicate more effectively.

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) provides assessment, therapy and activities, to support all students to participate in their activities of everyday life, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Our Art Psychotherapist works with individuals or groups to help them to better understand and manage their emotions, using art as a medium for expression.

We also now have a Music Therapist, who will work with individuals or groups to help them to better understand and manage their emotions, using music as a medium for expression.

Our Educational Psychologist assesses our students' learning and emotional needs, and advises staff on the best approaches and therapies to help students to achieve their learning and development potential.