School Policies

"Her being at Cressey has made so much difference. Within 2 weeks our life had changed so much at home. It's now SO much better!"

Parent, July 2016


"For complex children there's no question. You (Cressey) are our preferred provider. You're succeeding with the most challenging children we have. Without going into details, other schools just don't manage to do what you do."

Head of SEN, London Local Authority, Nov 2017


School Policies

The school has a comprehensive range of policies relating to all aspects of school life. Our very high staff-student ratio and our nurture-based approach enables better progress.

Policies in bold text can be viewed by clicking on the link

All other policies are available on request.



Children's Safeguarding Policy

Our policy and related guidelines are updated regularly and form part of the induction programme for all new staff. All staff attend our in-house children’s safeguarding training.

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Cressey College’s senior Children’s Safeguarding Lead is Adrienne Cherrywood; and Amy Pollard is the deputy Safeguarding Lead.

The designated Safeguarding Leads for the respective student groups are Kitty Clark at Moorings; Jack Haisley-Wright at Birdhurst;  Bryony Huggett at Adeline; Vicki Oram and Luke Muscroft at Shernall; Irmina Dobiliene at Denmark Hall; Viv Clark for Pathways (Deepdene) students; and Dorrette Wright for Outreach (Essendene) students.

Complaints Procedures

Cressey College has a full Complaints Policy and procedures for students, parents, staff, professionals and all others involved. This is available on request, as is the number of complaints in any given year.

If there is a concern in the school this would in the first instance be raised with the Head Teacher who will endeavour to resolve the issue. A copy of the complaints procedure is displayed on the student notice board in the school, and all complaints are recorded.

Sex Education

Sex Education is taught as part of the PSHEE programme of study to all students in Key Stages 3 and 4. Parents/carers may request that their child be withdrawn from sex education.

Religious Education

RE is taught throughout the year, as part of our Humanities programme. Parents / Carers may request that their child be withdrawn from RE.

Academic Achievement & Examinations

The school has procedures for Internal Appeals and Enquiries about the results of external examinations. These are made available to parents and candidates in advance of the exams, or on request. Student levels of achievement are available on request.

Additional Specialist Staff

The school has regular input from a range of Therapists including our Art Therapist, our Speech and Language Therapist, our Occupational Therapist and our Music Therapist. In addition, individual sessions can be arranged to meet the needs of each individual pupil; e.g. dance sessions, tennis tutoring, singing lessons, horse riding.

Staff also receive expert support and training from Real Psychology, and from Resolve (Restorative Approaches). 

"The ADHD clinical nurse specialists at ... (the) hospital have looked after a number of children who are at your school ... 

.... and they have recommended Cressey as a fantastic example."

Nurse, June 2015