Qualifications & Assessment

"What a wonderful academic experience the students at Cressey have ... 

... how great it is that they can all follow their own lines of enquiry."

WJEC GCSE Moderator
May 2015

"Pupils usually settle quickly to their work and remain focused throughout lessons. This demonstrates a seismic leap forward in peoples' attitudes to learning.”

Ofsted Report, March 2018

Qualifications & Assessment

On entry to the school all students are given a baseline assessment in literacy, numeracy, science and ICT.

Based on this assessment, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created for each student, and this is reviewed each term. Weekly planning sheets highlight the learning outcomes, and each student is assessed on a day–to-day basis as described in our Assessment, Record Keeping, Celebrating and Reporting Policy.

Students’ progress is thus continually monitored, and is formally assessed against the National Curriculum levels at the end of each term.

Students will be entered for Functional Skills, Open College Network and GCSE qualifications, as appropriate to their academic level, taking into account their talents, areas of difficulty, learning that may have been missed in previous schools, and existing barriers to learning. Therefore a range of Functional Skills qualifications are offered for Maths, English and ICT; and Open College Network (OCN) Units are offered in a range of subjects and may lead to an over-arching Award, Certificate or Diploma at Entry Level or Level 1 / Level 2. In addition, GCSEs are taken by those students for whom they are appropriate.

Planning is derived from the syllabus from the Edexcel / Pearson resouces and OCN for Key Stage 4. Schemes of work are based on the QCA guidance.

To see the Progress assessment for 2015/16 in terms of the National Curriculum Steps, please click here. To see the Progress assessment for 2016/17, please click here.

To see the Progress assessment for students who've been with us for more than two years, please click here. The statistics show that most students have exceeded the academic progress that Ofsted requires. Given that our students have such complex needs, including serious learning difficulties in some cases, we believe this is  outstanding progress.

To see the OCN, Functional Skills and GCSE results for 2015/16 please click here. To see the GCSE results for 2016/17 please click here. (The OCN and Functional Skills results for 2016/17 will be posted shortly.)

"She's a completely different person since she started here, so much so that we're now preparing for her to transfer back to mainstream. She does so much more work here. I don't know how they've done it, but they have! I'm seriously, seriously happy! I'd highly recommend Cressey to any other parent."

Carer, February 2017